Budget Isn’t A Bad Word

In the wedding industry we hear this word budget over and over again. This word budget has a lot of power behind it, but unfortunately it can be seen as a bad word.

Lets face it. Everyone has a Budget. It could be a small budget, or a large budget. It is whatever you have determined you can or want to afford. Or it is the limit you and your significant other have decided to set. Maybe you don’t believe in spending more than $5,000 on your wedding day, or your parents have gifted you $10,000 for your big day. No matter what your budget is…. it shouldn’t be a bad thing.

To many times I see vendors and other couples shaming brides and grooms for their budgets. First of all, if you are one of these people then you suck and you are part of the problem. Stop making the term budget into a bad word. Budgets make people responsible, accountable, and help them have guidelines or limits. It is not your job to tell someone else what their budget is or how much they should be spending on their wedding. Sorry I had to rant there for a minute…….

As a vendor myself I try to help my couples understand quality in their vendors, but I would never tell them you won’t have an amazing wedding if you don’t do X Y or Z. As vendors it is our responsibility to help guide our couples and respect the budget and limitations they have set for themselves.

So here is an idea! Lets make a vow to change the negative connotation towards the term budget. We should empower each other and congratulate these couples for making the responsible step to set out a plan for one of the biggest days of their lives. Lets choose not to judge each other just because your budget may be larger than another couples budget.  Vendors I call on you to understand that budget doesn’t mean small, large, tiny, or ginormous. Support your couples and help them have THE BEST DAY no matter what their budget is.

On the other hand……..I feel like this must be said too. There must be realistic expectations set within whatever your budget may be. I know that seems like common knowledge, but it is easy to get swept up in Pinterest or what is trendy on TV.

Once you have a budget set start getting quotes from different vendors. Do the research and decide which areas are most important for you. If you are adamant about having the most beautiful pictures to remember your wedding day then be prepared to spend more of your budget there. But, that means you won’t have as much to spend in other areas. Although, just because you can’t afford that lavish plated dinner doesn’t mean the pulled pork buffet won’t be just as delicious.

If you are currently planning your wedding I highly recommend setting a BUDGET and starting a financial plan with your partner. Below, I have linked some good tools you can use to create your budget. I am in no way a financial planner, but I suggest finding the best method that works best for you. I never suggest starting your marriage off in debt but that is a topic for a different post.

As for all those people out there that want to tell you how to plan your wedding, or suggest that your budget isn’t good enough you have my permission to tell them to shove off!

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Have a great day and Stay Nerdy!


Wedding Wire has a great budgeting app. Put your budget in and they will help with the math!


If you are more of a spreadsheet kind of person check out this one over on Brideside!