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Budget Isn’t A Bad Word

In the wedding industry we hear this word budget over and over again. This word budget has a lot of power behind it, but unfortunately it can be seen as a bad word. Lets face it. Everyone has a Budget. It could be a small budget, or a large budget. It is whatever you have determined […]

Hornek’s Nerdy Wedding

I absolutely love when I get a couple who isn’t afraid to show the world not only the love they have for each other, but also show everyone their passions and personalities. I meet Jennifer and Danny back in May of 2017, and they came to me with a pretty big idea. As a couple […]

Should You Include Nerdy References At Your Wedding?

I have a question for you. Should you include your nerdy personality in your wedding? Ummmmm ABSOLUTELY. Is it socially acceptable? I say who cares! Your wedding day is all about you and your significant other. If you have guests who you think will judge you for your disney wedding I have three words for […]

What Is A Nerd?

Today I thought I would talk about what it means to be nerdy. In my opinion there are so many ways and so many versions of being nerdy. However I want you to take a look at this definition from Dictionary.com. Nerd noun, Slang. 1.a person considered to be socially awkward, boring, unstylish, etc. 2.an […]

Starting Our Adventure!

SOOOO I am very new to this whole blog thing. I wanted to write my first one and tell you why I started Nerdy Fox Rentals. I was working events in the corporate world and found myself very unhappy with my employer. One day I had enough and quit which was the best decision I […]